Our Goals

Our goals are to help men and women who are committed to following Jesus Christ 1) develop many healthy relationships; 2) find that one person you believe God has called you to spend the rest of your life with; 3) create a path that helps you meet that person; 4) teach you to navigate the relationships that lead you to courtship; 5) prepare you to experience a healthy, joy-filled and Godly marriage!

PTC Networks

Each PTC network in made up of hundreds of people in a 19 year age span; 30’s and 40’s, 40’s and 50’s and 55 and better.  Each have equal numbers of men and women  PTC members will experience “Seasons” together. If you should meet someone outside the PTC network, we will expedite their membership. We are committed to helping every member prepare for courtship and enjoy an awesome marriage.

How it Works

PTC is like a large, fun, social, high quality pre-martial class that will run for 12 months. Not only do we hire experts to provide professional teaching, training and assessments but we also take you through a unique process called “Seasons” that will help you to truly know who someone is and how complementary you really are as a couple before you consider courtship.

Easy Application Process

When your Network fills, we will send you a membership application at no charge. Getting to know a bit about our members will help us serve to them much better. PTC will review your application for approval. Once your application is approved you will be invited to an introductory dinner ($35) to find out more details about your PTC membership.

It’s easy. PTC membership groups max out at 350 people so please SUBSCRIBE today!

Monthly/Annual Dues

PTC is a 12 month membership commitment. Auto pay is required for a monthly payment option of $68.

Annual membership can be also purchased for only $700 when

paid in advance.

No Refunds.

Why? Because we believe this membership is an investment in you. Although you may be uncomfortable or insecure at times, it is in your best interest to stick with it, grow and enjoy life with others.


We understand that many have made mistakes in the past and that your past does not define you. We also want you to be able to grow close to others with no surprises.

Please know that a background check ($50 fee) is required for every member. PTC reserves the right to decline an application.

When your membership is approved, we begin an exciting adventure together called

Pathway to Courtship!