Better than "Dating"

Courtship is the stage in a relationship in which you seriously begin to explore the possibility of marriage. It comes after you really know someone and before you make an exclusive relational commitment. The “Seasons” process has helped single adults develop healthy relationships and enter into lasting marriages for over 20 years.

Things have Changed

We now live in a culture of divorce. The truth is, marriages fail in the Western U.S. at a rate of nearly 70%. The primary reasons are that many people were not properly prepared or that they married someone who was not who they thought they were.  It is our goal to have a 0% divorce rate for PTC members!

Why Pathway to Courtship?

Besides meeting some really good, like-minded people who share your faith, PTC is all about preparing you for courtship and marriage. The expert level teaching and training, the  “Seasons”  process and like-minded members who share faith in Christ make PTC not only unique, but priceless for those who desire a healthy, Godly marriage.